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Where did jousting come from? Originally, in the early centuries of knighthood knights would often fight vicious battles against each other to establish supremacy and find out who the better knight was. But over the centuries this practice was eliminated because it served no good purpose for knights of the same kingdom to wound, maim or kill each other. A knight killed this way was one less knight that could fight for the kingdom. So jousting came into prominence because it was much safer. Knights could still battle and establish their stature while not usually harming each other.

Jousting and the ceremony - Jousting developed into a show all its own and for many gatherings, ceremonies and events the jousting tournament was the highlight. Even today we still have jousting tournaments at Renaissance faires. This tradition of jousting as a spectacle has given us some wonderful costumes, outfits, clothing and regalia from the Medieval Period.

The favor of a maid? Fundamental to the tournament was the idea of chivalrous and romantic conduct. A knight selected a lady. In her honor he would fight. If he fought successfully, he expected to receive his reward. It was considered downright disgraceful - absolute treachery - for a lady to refuse her favors to a knight who had fought in her honor.


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